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Dominique Shelton Leipzig is the leading voice in AI, data privacy and security.

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Undergraduate Degree in French Civilization and International Relations

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Berkeley Executive Education


UCLA Anderson School of Business

Certified in Privacy


Certified Information Privacy Professional

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Trust. Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership

Your company is a data company. No matter what else your organization does, if you are competing in the modern business world, data is critical to everything you do. Starting from the assertion that data is power, Dominique Shelton Leipzig presents Trust. Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership, the data privacy and protection playbook that every executive, corporate leader, and corporation must read.

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Data is no longer the purview of IT professionals. Leaders need to be engaged and active in every stage of the data life cycle and Dominique Shelton Leipzig’s book can help them do just that. This is especially true for emerging technologies in AI. Download an excerpt of her chapter on AI for free by filling out the simple form below!

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Dominique Shelton Leipzig  | Privacy, AI and Cybersecurity

Dominique Shelton Leipzig is an internationally-recognized expert in data privacy, AI and cyber security. Her work has earned acclaim from leading publications and placed her at the forefront of the conversations steering the future of the industry.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation strategies used by the Fortune 100

Dominique Shelton Leipzig has trained over 50,000 professionals in data privacy, AI and cyber-preparedness. She is taking her expertise out of the boardroom to educate audiences of board members, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and VC decision makers across the country with compelling speaking programs about the astonishing power of data and the heights that can be reached by engaging in trusted AI, privacy and data security practices.

Any leader who plans to see their business thrive in the coming years needs to prioritize trust and data ethics as they will shape consumer behaviors at unprecedented levels.

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Build AI Systems in Accordance With Pending Legal Frameworks and You Will Future-Proof Your Systems for Years to Come

Build AI Systems in Accordance With Pending Legal Frameworks and You Will Future-Proof Your Systems for Years to Come

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